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Amit Sachdeva:
Hi Ryan, Congratulations! and yes..nice site
2010-12-29 17:34:57
Rikesh Patel:
You're getting married on Sunday, my friend! Congrats to you and Kristin. You guys seriously are amazing together, and I'm thrilled to celebrate with you this Sunday!
2010-11-10 07:58:22
Neil Doshi:
Hey guys, Great site! Lots of great info and I dig the music page. Looking forward seeing both of you this coming Sunday. Congrats to both of you!
2010-11-08 13:23:22
Joe Nuzzolese:
Hey guys, just wanted to let you both know I'm looking forward to seeing you!
2010-10-04 17:11:52
Suzanne Sferrazza:
Can't wait for the wedding! So happy for you guys!
2010-09-14 15:17:34
Soon to be Mrs. Jerchau!!:
I love reading all of these comments & I just want to thank everyone (with a VERY special thanks to MOM!) for giving me such a beautiful bridal shower to start my life with Ryan! I can't even express how very blessed I feel to have SUCH wonderful family & friends!!! I absolutely can't wait for the wedding (Ry & I keep saying how much it feels like Christmas haha). To be able to be surrounded by people with such love & support is truly a gift from God! 2 months 2 go : )
2010-09-08 19:46:15
Mort and Theresa Friedrich:
Love the website. Got the invitation. This is very surreal. Just 20 years ago, Ryan was our ringbearer at our wedding. Yes, time does fly!!! This should be one great event!!!
2010-09-08 08:39:16
Mom & Dad K.:
The website is outstanding!! We love you both and can't wait for the wedding day, which will be here before you know it! Love, Mom and Dad K.
2010-08-14 18:05:18
Heinz & Anneliese:
We are both very happy for you. The way you proposed to Kristin is very romantic. The website is great. We love Ryan's shoes!
2010-07-23 18:13:59
Carrie Mo:
Saw your site posting on Facebook... LOVE this site and the story of the proposal! Congrats to you both! xoxoxo
2010-07-23 13:09:59
Jen Heffez:
Beautiful Website! Can't wait to see you two tie the knot! Woohoo. Party Time! =)
2010-07-13 07:37:34
Brenda Pistani:
Wow - incredible job - what a beautiful site! The pictures were amazing - Ryan, you jump much higher than Kris! Obviously you were meant to be together - adorable!!!! Wishing you both love and blessings...
2010-07-13 03:48:41
Kathleen O'Keeffe:
You guys are just too cute I can't stand it!! Love the pictures. I cannot wait to be a part of your big day. I love you both!:)
2010-07-12 21:18:23
Katie J.:
So excited for the BIG day guys :) Nice job on the website!
2010-07-11 18:10:17
Dad J.:
Your web site is off to a flying start. Nice Job!!
2010-06-19 08:10:22
Ryan Jerchau:
Hey, thanks for checking out our wedding site. I hope you were able to find everything you were looking for. If not, let me know and I'll be sure to get it up here.
2010-05-02 16:50:53